Selected articles, speeches, books and interviews by Richard Christopher Whalen

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Title/Content Description Publication/Forum Date
KBRA's Whalen Says Yellen's Comments Weren't Revealing Bloomberg Television with Kathleen Hays and Betty LiuFebruary 14, 2017
Whalen on 21st-century Glass-Steagall (podcast) Bloomberg Radio with Corey Johnson and Carol Masar February 10, 2017
A 21st-century Glass-Steagall? It’s called the Volcker Rule American BankerFebruary 8, 2017
The Looming U.S.-China Confrontation The National InterestJanuary 26, 2017
Stocks pare gains as Trump gives fiery speech Yahoo Finance with Justine UnderhillJanuary 20, 2017
Whalen: Tillerson Interesting Choice for Sec. of State Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom KeeneDecember 12, 2016
Whalen on Italy: Own American Financials CNBC Closing Bell with Kelly EvansDecember 7, 2016
Ending TBTF with Three Surgical Strikes American BankerDecember 6, 2016
Whalen: Bank investors need more caution in weeks ahead CNBC Halftime Report with Scott WapnerNovember 22, 2016
Forecasting an Economy After Trump Financial Myth Busting with Dawn J. BennettNovember 13, 2016
Wells Fargo: Big mistake to let Stumpf testify CNBC's Worldwide ExchangeOctober 13, 2016
Whalen: Mortgages could be a pleasant Q3 surprise for U.S. Banks Business News NetworkOctober 13, 2016
Blockchain: In Search of a Business Case Kroll Bond Rating AgencyOctober 5, 2016
Kroll's Whalen on the New Politics of Banking Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene & Francine LacquaOctober 3, 2016
Whalen on Deutsche Bank: Politicians influencing market CNBC's Halftime ReportSeptember 30, 2016
Kroll’s Whalen on Deutsche: Banks Are Over Regulated (Audio) Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Kathleen HaysSeptember 27, 2016
Australian debt level raising eyebrows globally The AustralianSeptember 21, 2016
The Silent Crisis in Housing Finance American BankerSeptember 20, 2016
No good answers for Wells Fargo's Stumpf CNBC's Worldwide ExchangeSeptember 20, 2016
The Silent Crisis in Housing Finance American BankerSeptember 20, 2016
No good answers for Wells Fargo's Stumpf CNBC's Worldwide ExchangeSeptember 20, 2016
Kroll: Why Credit Spreads Matter More than Benchmark Rates Barron'sSeptember 14, 2016
Banks lag this year: Will they pick up steam? CNBC Closing BellAugust 16, 2016
Whalen: Neo-Keynesian Construct of Low Rates Is Wrong Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneJuly 19, 2016
'Capital Doesn't Matter. Confidence Is What Matters' American Banker Podcast (audio)July 15, 2016
Brexit exposes European banks CNBC Halftime ReportJune 23, 2016
Kroll’s Whalen Sees Fed Bank Stress Tests as Miguided (Audio) Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen Hays and Pimm FoxJune 23, 2016
Keiser Report: Economic Anxiety in Divided America (Interview starts at 13:00) The Kaiser ReportJune 21, 2016
Xi Struggles to Reform China's Politics—and Its Economy, Too The National InterestJune 19, 2016
A Cautionary Tale from the '80s for Today's Loan Participations American BankerMay 27, 2016
Bank Stocks Set the Tone CNBC World Wide Exchange with Sara EisenApril 15, 2016
Banks Will Slowly Shrink, Here's Why Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom KeeneMarch 28, 2016
Why Bank Stocks Are Getting Hammered American BankerMarch 10, 2016
Big banks racking up energy risk? CNBC HalfTime Report with Scott WapnerFebruary 24, 2016
Thinking About the Future of the US Banking Industry Jones Walker LLP Second Annual Financial Services ConferenceFebruary 1, 2016
Blame the Fed for Global Market Turmoil in 2016 The National InterestJanuary 12, 2016
Are Central Banks Causing Market Volatility Bloomberg Television with Tom Keene (and David Kotok)January 7, 2016
Back to the Future, Big Banks Get Out of Risk Business Bloomberg Television with Tom Keene, Vonnie Quinn and Francine LacquaJanuary 7, 2016
Why 2016 May Be a Year of Uncertainty for Investors Bloomberg Television with Betty LiuDecember 22, 2015
A 2016 Credit Crunch? Financial Myth Busting with Dawn J. BennettDecember 20, 2015
Kroll's Whalen on Why Rates Must Go Up Bloomberg Television with Alix SteelNovember 27, 2015
Do Strong Bank Credit Results Suggest Trouble Ahead? American BankerOctober 27, 2015
Whalen, Blanchflower and Davidowitz Bloomberg TV with Tom Keene & Francine LaquaOctober 15, 2015
Bank America: Is Market Volatility Good for Banks? Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneSeptember 3, 2015
Keiser Report: Stop What’s That Sound? Falling Markets! The Kaiser Report with Max Kaiser & Stacy HerbertSeptember 1, 2015
China's Devaluation: Simply Part of a Global Currency War? The National InterestAugust 14, 2015
Yellen's Testimony & the Outlook for Rates BNN's Money TalkJuly 15, 2015
Major Banks to See More Job Cuts: Kroll's Whalen Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneJuly 15, 2015
The hidden monster behind Greece remains Business News NetworkJuly 13, 2015
Kroll’s Whalen Likes Small to Medium Sized Banks Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen HaysJuly 10, 2015
The Hidden Monster Behind the Greek and Puerto Rican Crises The National InterestJuly 2, 2015
Tracking the uneven recovery of US housing CNBC AsiaJune 22, 2015
The Best Big-Bank Resolution Plan: Avoid Crises in the First Place American BankerMay 26, 2015
Fed Is Trapped, Painted Into a Corner on Rates Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneMay 22, 2015
Liquidity: Is Systemic Risk on the Horizon?? CNBC's Closing BellMay 14, 2015
The Fed's Day of Reckoning Nears The National InterestApril 24, 2015
Dangers Lurk in Fed's Zero Rate Policy American BankerApril 2, 2015
Countries Still Have Way Too Much Debt: Whalen Bloomberg Television with Manus CrannyMarch 25, 2015
Kroll’s Chris Whalen, Graham Fisher’s Joshua Rosner on Stress Tests (MP3) Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen HaysMarch 11, 2015
Global Bail-In Plan Could Still Leave Taxpayers Holding the Bag American BankerMarch 4, 2015
The Fed’s Reckless Gamble The National InterestFebruary 23, 2015
Unintended consequences/Cheapest to Deliver T-bond Futures CNBC with Rick SantelliFebruary 13, 2015
Currency melee drama Caijing MagazineFebruary 9. 2015
Blame Germany If Europe Implodes The National InterestFebruary 8, 2015
Banks Taking a Hit this Earning Season FoxBusiness with Liz ClaymanJanuary 15, 2015
Yellen Has Innocently Created Liquidity Trap Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneJanuary 14, 2015
The False Hope of Chinese Economic Rebalancing The National Interest January 7, 2015
The Big Bet: U.S. banks in 2015 Business News Network January 5, 2015
Could the Great Oil Price Crash of 2014 Be a Disaster in the Making? The National InterestDecember 19, 2014
Book Review: One Risk Factor Common to All Financial Crises: Fraud National Mortgage News by Mark FogartyDecember 3, 2014
William Duldey: Is the Fed in Need of a Fix? Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneDecember 2, 2014
Financial Stability: Cato Book Forum with Mark Calabria and Paul Miller Cato InstituteNovember 17, 2014
Whalen: Dow Should Give Money Back to Shareholders Bloomberg Television with Tom KeeneNovember 12, 2014
Japan's Massive Market-Intervention Gamble: An Economic Declaration of War? The National InterestNovember 11, 2014
Santelli Exchange: European debt CNBC with Rick SantelliNovember 6, 2014
Will Financial 'War Games' Avert Next Financial Crisis? Bloomberg TelevisionOctober 13, 2014
The Deep Roots of the Great Recession The National InterestOctober 10, 2014
Interview | Word on the Street: The road to financial stability Business News NetworkOctober 6, 2014
A Strong Dollar Again Caijing MagazineSeptember 23, 2014
Q: How Much Capital Does a GSE Need? A: None American BankerSeptember 19, 2014
Fed Critic says Markets more Fragile in Wake of Liquidity and Other Rules Market WatchSeptember 3, 2014
Kroll Helps Open Bond Market to Smaller Banks The Wall Street JournalAugust 25, 2014
Bank Fines: Are They Enough? CNBC's Nightly Business ReportAugust 21, 2014
Citigroup’s $7B Fine Sends Wrong Message: Whalen Bloomberg Television with Tom Keene & Scarlet FuJuly 14, 2014
Real Conversations: Chris Whalen On Housing, Banks, and Economic Risks HedgeyeJune 18, 2014
The Ultimate Failure of Tim Geithner The National InterestMay 28, 2014
Tread Lightly When Setting Capital Requirements for Nonbanks American BankerMay 21, 2014
Fewer mortgages, less trading and more regulations are hurting bank earnings The Daily Ticker with Aaron Task & Henry BlodgetApril 11, 2014
End of the Housing Market Recovery? Fox Business with David AsmanMarch 27, 2014
A Political History of “Too Big to Fail” Zero HedgeMarch 26, 2014
Analyst-Provocateur Whalen Joins Home Price Index Vendor American BankerMarch 25, 2014
Presentation to the Five Star Institute: Deflating Housing Bubble Five Star InstituteMarch 25, 2014
U.S. Housing Sector Is in Big Trouble American BankerMarch 10, 2014
Banks Are Retreating From Housing Bloomberg Television with Mark CrumptonMarch 4, 2014
Dodd-Frank and the Great Debate: Regulation vs. Growth Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State UniversityFebruary 21, 2014
What Quantitative Easing Couldn't Do The National InterestFebruary 18, 2014
Whalen Says Thesis of 'Inflated' Holds Up (Audio) Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen HaysDecember 26, 2013
Face It: FHA’s the Only Game in Town for Subprime Borrowers American BankerDecember 23, 2013
Maria Bartiromo: Banks are Guiding Down CNBCNovember 19, 2013
Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps The National InterestNov-Dec 2013
CSPAN: Housing and government finance in the post–bubble, post–Bernanke world CSPANOctober 17, 2013
PPT: Housing and government finance in the post–bubble, post–Bernanke world American Enterprise InstituteOctober 17, 2013
Change in the Nature of Earnings for Banks: Whalen Bloomberg TelevisionAugust 8, 2013
Interview with Joe, Becky and Andrew: Citi Q2 results beat on top and bottom line CNBCJuly 16, 2013
Will Rising Interest Rates Uproot Housing Recovery? Bloomberg TelevisionJuly 15,2013
The Next Housing Bubble The National InterestApril 15, 2013
Is Cyprus the Canary in the Coal Mine? With Jim Rickards, Alix Steel Bloomberg TelvisionMarch 21, 2013
Why Fixing the “Shadow Banking” Sector is Essential for the U.S. Housing Market Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State UniversityMarch 2013
Interview with Maria Bartiromo: Can the rally last? CNBCFebruary 4, 2013
FHA critics light on viable solutions Housing Wire February 2013
Conversation with Lauren Lyster: Federal Reserve Policymakers Are Like “Real Life Marx Brothers” The Daily Ticker January 26, 2013
Is Fed Monetary Policy Really Marxist? Zero HedgeJanuary 25, 2013
Is the U.S. housing market really on the mend? Housing Wire January 2013
Whalen: Banks Are Becoming Dividend Plays Bloomberg Television December 20, 2012
Why we need to break up Bank of America Housing WireDecember 2012
A New Model for Mortgage Securitization FINRA Economic Advisory CommitteeNovember 29, 2012
Banks Concerned About Warren's Senate Victory? Fox BusinessNovember 8, 2012
Basel III Liquidity Rules May Kill Short-Term Deposit Market American BankerOctober 29, 2012
Investment Banker Buys Michael Corbet as Citi CEO Nightly Business ReportOctober 16, 2012
Ed DeMarco, friend or foe? Housing WireOctober 2012
Presentation: Value and Risk in the US Financial Sector The Bank Credit Analyst New York ConferenceSeptember 11, 2012
Opportunities and pitfalls in the housing recovery Housing WireSeptember 2012
Can Zuckerberg Possibly Fix Facebook? CNBCAugust 21, 2012
Chautauqua Notes | Ethical Challenges of Finally Fixing the Financial Crisis: Fair Deals vs. New Deals Zero Hedge August 9, 2012
Interview with Lauren Lyster: Takes Wall Street's Bull by the Horns Russian TV AmericaJuly 12, 2012
Tom Keene & Sara Eisen: Banker executivess are not bad people; JPMorgan Earnings, LIBOR Bloomberg Television July 11, 2012
The stiff arm of Dodd-Frank Housing WireJuly 2012
Commentary: More Evidence TAG Helps Only the Big Banks American BankerJune 19,2012
Joe Kernen, Becky Quick & Andrew Ross Sorkin: Will Jamie Dimon Tell the Whole Truth Tomorrow? CNBCJune 12, 2012
Housing’s overhangs and hangovers: No quick end to lenders’ real estate woes Housing WireJune 2012
Policy issues regards customer account protection and bankruptcy FINRA Economic Advisory Committee May 17, 2012
Joe Kernen, Becky Quick & Andrew Ross Sorkin: JP Morgan's Impact on Street CNBCMay 11, 2012
Wells Fargo doubles down on housing: The too-big-to-fail bank quickly becoming the only shop in town Housing WireMay 2012
U.S. Debt Culture and the Dollar's Fate The National InterestApril 2012
Interview with Fred Katayama: Why Jobs Act is Good for Wall Street & America Reuters InsiderApril 13, 2012
Commentary: Say No to More Lending Power for Credit Unions American BankerApril 13, 2012
Interview with Joe Kernen, Becky Quick & Andrew Ross Sorkin: JPMorgan and Wall Street's Financial Forecasts CNBCApril 13, 2012
Is consumer protection enough to fix housing?: Obama’s Homeowner Bill of Rights is more extend and pretend Housing WireApril 2012
Interview with Lauren Lyster: Phony Bank Stress Tests Russian TV AmericaMarch 15, 2012
Wall Street's View of Bank Stress Tests CNBCMarch 14, 2012
Eric Schneiderman delves into housing Housing WireMarch 2012
Santelli Exchange: JPM Has MF Global's Missing Funds? CNBC February 24, 2012
On GSE reform: Be careful what you wish for Housing Wire February 2012
New Fund Hopes to Prove Thesis of Outspoken Analyst New York Times January 31, 2012
What is to be done with Bank of America?: Federal Receivership Makes Sense Housing Wire January 2012
Interview: Citi Earnings Miss on Profit and Revenue CNBC January 17 2012
A Year of Lost Opportunities Housing Wire December 2011
Letter to New York Review of Books Unpublished November 16, 2011
Christopher Whalen on Bloomberg Radio with Tom Keene and Ken Prewitt Bloomberg Radio November 7, 2011
Is Larry Summers an Economic War Criminal? Zero Hedge October 25, 2011
Is Bank of America Preparing for Chapter 11? Reuters October 19, 2011
Are US mortgage rates for real? Reuters October 10, 2011
Fair-value accounting, derivatives increase global debt deflation Reuters October 7, 2011
Chris Whalen: Why The Debt Ceiling Crisis Is A GOOD Thing The Daily Bail August, 2011
The Hays Advantage | Josh Rosner & Chris Whalen Discuss the Anniversary of Dodd-Frank: Audio Bloomberg Radio July 22, 2011
What is a core deposit and why does it matter? Legislative and Regulatory Actions Regarding
FDIC-insured Bank Deposits Pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Act
Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University June 2011
Tom Keene: Christopher Whalen Interview on U.S. Banking Industry Bloomberg Television May 16, 2011
Talking Points: Policy and Supervisory Studies Group Conference on 2011 Banking Industry Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta February 24, 2011
CATO Institute Book Event for Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream CATO Institute February 8, 2011
Interview with Mark Crumpton on Housing, Employment, US Economy Bloomberg Television January 28, 2011
Remarks to Indiana Leadership Forum: A New Deal for the 21st Century: Less Entitlement, More Accountability Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University January 20, 2011
Interview with Dylan Ratigan RADIO FREE DYLAN January 7, 2011
Financial Market Regulation: Legislation and Implications Springer January 2011
Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream John Wiley & Sons December 2010
Understanding and Profiting from the Next Banking Crisis (Video) Darden School of Business, University of Virginia October 29, 2010
Complex Structured Notes: Risk & Return FINRA Economic Advisory Committee October 10, 2010
Living in a Post Bubble World: What's Next? American Enterprise Institute October 6, 2010
CNBC Hit with Fed Vice Chair Don Kohn, Steve Liesman, Larry Kudlow: Kudlow Report/CNBC September 1, 2010
Bernanke Fed Drives Deflation With Zero Rate Policy Zero Hedge August 29, 2010
I am Superman: The Federal Reserve Board and the Neverending Crisis Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University August 2010
Fixing the Financials: Interview with Nouriel Roubini, Ian Bremmer and the Gang CNBC "Squawk Box" July 6, 2010
Financials and FinReg: Interview with Barry Ritholtz CNBC "Fast Money" June 24, 2010
Remarks to the Ludwig von Mises Circle at the University Club NYC (audio file) Ludwig von Mises Institute May 22, 2010
Interview with Aaron Task & Henry Blodget: The Housing "Recovery" Is Just Another Government Subsidy, Says Whalen Yahoo Tech|Ticker May 18, 2010
Interview with David Faber, Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla: "What's Next for Goldman Sachs?" CNBC "Squawk Box" April 19, 2010
Gretchen Morgenson: This Bailout Is a Bargain? Think Again The New York Times April 18, 2010
The Deflating Bubble, Part VII: Is It Over? American Enterprise Institute April 13, 2010
Letter: Suspect ‘profits’ from Tarp funds Financial Times April 12, 2010
Letter: OTC derivatives aren’t suitable for majority of investors Financial Times March 23, 2010
Viewpoint: Stop Blocking FDIC Securitization Effort American Banker March 9, 2010
Hearings on TARP Assistance to GMAC TARP Congressional Oversight Panel February 25, 2010
XBRL: An Interview with Christopher Whalen Hitachi XBRL February 18, 2010
Interview: "Die Regierungen sind machtlos gegen die Bankster" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung February 16, 2010
Speech to New York Quantitative Finance Seminar: "Zombie Banks and The Real Economy: Are the Two Compatible?"
(8MB Audio File)
Columbia University Center for Financial Engineering & NYU Courrant Institute of Mathematical Sciences January 28, 2010
Interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla: "JPMorgan Profit Beats, Revenue Falls Short" CNBC "Squawk Box" January 15, 2010
Interview with Aaron Task: Person of the Year, My Foot! Bernanke Made "Pig's Breakfast" of Bailout Yahoo Tech|Ticker December 16, 2009
Is It Possible to Re-Privatize the U.S. Financial System? Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University December 2009
Interview with Larry Kudlow & Melissa Francis -- Bull Market or BS? CNBC "Fast Money" December 9, 2009
It is Always Darkest Before the Dawn The Bank Credit Analyst October 2009
AEI Discussion on Government Response to the Financial Crisis (Comments start at 49:10) CSPAN October 9, 2009
The financial reality that Obama will not acknowledge Times of London September 15, 2009
Statement by Christopher Whalen on The Risks of Financial Modeling: VaR and the Economic Meltdown House Committee on Science and Technology, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight September 10, 2009
Gretchen Morgenson -- Fair Game: What the Stress Tests Didn’t Predict The New York Times August 22, 2009
Interview With Steve Liesman at Leen's Lodge: Fixing the Financial System CNBC August 7, 2009
Letter to Senator Christopher Dodd, Q&A Regarding Over-the-Counter Derivatives Senate Banking Committee July 13, 2009
Statement on "Over-the-Counter Derivatives: Modernizing Oversight to Increase Transparency and Reduce Risks" Senate Banking Committee June 22, 2009
Rebuilding the U.S. Banking System: Back to Basics in Financial Markets and Institutions Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University June 2009
Interview: Larry Summers ist mitschuldig an der Finanzkrise Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung June 22, 2009
Video Presentation: "Small Enough to Fail: Community Banks in the Bailout" Economic Policy Institute June 10, 2009
Jamie Dimon: A Great Operator But an Obstacle to Reform, Whalen Says Yahoo Tech|Ticker June 9, 2009
Interview with Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt Bloomberg Radio May 18, 2009
Statement on "Modernizing Bank Supervision and Regulation, Part II" Senate Banking Committee (comments start @ 0:50 on webcast) March 24, 2009
Interview with BBC World Today (audio file) British Broadcasting Corporation March 18, 2009
Comments to AEI Conference: What is To Be Done With Credit Default Swaps? American Enterprise Institute February 23, 2009
Commentary: What Is Really Killing the Big Banks? The Globalist February 13, 2009
Comments to AEI/PRMIA Conference: Bust, Bankruptcy, Bailouts: What Should We Do Now? American Enterprise Institute January 28, 2009
The Subprime Crisis: Cause, Effect and Consequences The Journal of Applied Economy January 1, 2009
Interview: Controversy over Geithner CNN Money January 19, 2009
Interview: Financials: Risk & Reward CNBC December 24, 2008
Comment: The System Can Recover Only When Those that Caused the Crisis are Allowed to Fail The Times of London December 13, 2008
Interview: Throwing Down the Gauntlet (to Tim Geithner) Business Spectator November 20, 2008
GSE Nation: How Bailouts and Nationalization Change the US Banking Model The Risk Management Association November 20, 2008
Interview: Crisis Won't Be Over Until We Tear Up Credit Default Swaps, Says Risk Analyst Yahoo Tech|Ticker November 18, 2008
The Rubin Greenspan Legacy: Now Paulson's Ongoing Nightmare The International Economy Fall 2008
Reassessing Ratings: What Went Wrong, and How Can We Fix the Problem? GARP Risk Review October/November 2008
The Deflating Mortgage and Housing Bubble, Part IV: Where Is the Bottom? American Enterprise Institute October 30, 2008
Interview with Steve Liesman: Saving America's Banking System, Pt. 1 CNBC October 10, 2008
Interview with Steve Liesman: Saving America's Banking System, Pt. 2 CNBC October 10, 2008
Interview: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley at risk Business Spectator October 1, 2008
Interview: Picking Apart the Plan CNBC September 26, 2008
Interview: Fannie, Freddie & Financials CNBC September 10, 2008
Financial Innovation Meets Main Street: Jefferson County and Municipal Finance in the Wake of the Bubble American Enterprise Institute September 10, 2008
Federal Receiver for Broker-Dealers Is a Bad Idea American Banker July 11, 2008
Yield to Commission: Is an OTC Market Model to Blame for Growing Systemic Risk? The Journal of Structured Finance Summer 2008
Interview: Analyst foresaw economic crisis The Miami Herald May 19, 2008
Le débat du jour: Banques américaines : le pire de la crise est-il passé? La Tribune April 23, 2008
Comments to the Icelandic Financial Services Association: Credit Derivatives and Other Acts of Satan The Icelandic Financial Services Association April 15, 2008
Viewpoint: Expanding Fed's Power is Wrong Plan American Banker April 4, 2008
The Deflating Mortgage and Housing Bubble, Part III: What Next? American Enterprise Institute March 12, 2008
Banks wallow in the muddy waters of 'fair value' rules Financial Times March 6, 2008
Speech at Indiana State University: The Subprime Crisis - Cause, Effect and Consequences Networks Financial Institute March 1, 2008
Origins of the Subprime Collapse GARP Risk Review January/February 2008
Speech at the FRB Philadelphia:The Global Risk of Subprime The Global Interdependence Center January 30, 2008
Interview: Whalen, Analyst, Sees `Bad News' From Banks Through 2008 Bloomberg Television November 29, 2007
Interview -- Washington Babylon: Six Questions for Chris Whalen on our speculation-based economy and the 2008 elections Harpers Magazine November 29, 2007
Chinese Banking:The Risk Manager as Revolutionary GARP Risk Review September/October 2007
The Subprime Fiasco: Derivatives and Ratings Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions October 2007
CDO Mess Reveals a Problem in Basel II American Banker August 24, 2007
Venezuela's Oil Trap: Economically speaking, other than oil nothing else is happening. The International Economy Summer 2007
Remarks at AEI: Mortgage Credit and Subprime Lending: Implications of a Deflating Bubble American Enterprise Institute March 28, 2007
Speech at the FRB Philadelphia: Venezuela Under Chavez: Socialist Construction and National Chaos Global Interdependence Center February 21, 2007
A Memo to XBRL US Hitachi Data Interactive February 6, 2007
Regulatory Hazards: Basel II, Shared National Credits and Market Risk GARP Risk Review December 2006
Data Quality Issue Lost In Basel Debate American Banker November 10, 2006
Wall Street's Derivatives Casino The International Economy Fall 2006
Basel II Will Not Unify Global Rules on Capital American Banker October 6, 2006
SEC Roundtable -- Interactive Data and Smaller Public Companies
Archived Webcast
Securities and Exchange Commission September 29, 2006
Venezuela: Rising Anti-U.S. Populism The International Economy Summer 2006
SEC Roundtable -- Interactive Data: Making the Pipeline a Reality
Archived Webcast
Securities and Exchange Commission June 12, 2006
The Derivatives Problem: A New Form for Risk Barron's June 5, 2006
Using Public Data Benchmarking for Basel II GARP Risk Review June 2006
Washington's Potential Mexico Problem The International Economy Spring 2006
SEC: The Cox Revolution The International Economy Winter 2006
China: The Next Great Pyramid Game The International Economy Winter 2005
Speech at the FRB Philadelphia:Globalization and Basel II Global Interdependence Center October 5, 2005
Trailing in the wake of US banks over new capital standard Global Risk Regulator September 2005
No Margin of Safety: New bank-capital requirements are based on ruinous risk models Barron's March 7, 2005
Bath salts analogy does not hold water The Financial Times January 25, 2005
Managing Risk: A skeptic's view of Basel II The International Economy Fall 2004
New House Rules: How the Feds are seeking to make the world safe for derivatives The International Economy Summer 2004
Investigative Report -- What Will Happen to Mexico After Vicente Fox? Insight on the News July 20, 2004
Investigative Report -- Is Alan Greenspan a Money Launderer? Insight on the News July 1, 2004
Investigative Report -- Litigation Hell Insight on the News May 19, 2004
Bankrupt China Becomes Economic Threat Insight on the News May 12, 2004
Political Notebook -- Fed Wizard's Policies Not Economic Magic Insight on the News April 26, 2004
Hollywood's and Wall Street's Backing of Kerry Insight on the News April 15, 2004
Special Report -- The Plane Truth About Airline Woes Insight on the News March 19, 2004
Economic Boom in U.S. Bankruptcies Insight on the News February 27, 2004
Gunfight at the Basel II Corral The International Economy Winter 2004
Victory at Hand for GOP Tort Reform? Insight on the News February 3, 2004
Opening the Books Barron's January 19, 2004
Who Is Protecting Hugo Chavez? Insight on the News November 13, 2003
Daimler's Chrysler Problem The Globalist October 9, 2003
Revisiting Sarbanes-Oxley The International Economy Fall 2003
WhalenDocketReport_Pacer PACER August 1, 2003
Let Freedom Ring Barron's July 7, 2003
Fish and Chips — American Style The Globalist May 23, 2003
Costing Out Pax Americana The Globalist May 19, 2003
Just Say No: End the tyranny of the earnings estimate Barron's February 24, 2003
The Nation: High Technology -- Chip Production Moving to China Insight on the News December 31, 2002
Latin America: What the Movies Tell Us The Globalist December 9, 2002
Trade Wars: Micron vs. Asia The Register November 22, 2002
A Striking Cost The Globalist October 11, 2002
Consumers Turn to Trial Lawyers Insight on the News August 12, 2002
Mexico's Fox — or Chicken? The Globalist July 8, 2002
Latin Dominoes Falling Down? The Globalist July 2, 2002
Chavez Revolution May Be In Retreat Insight on the News April 15, 2002
The Real Thing Barron's April 18, 2002
Banking on Derivatives Barron's February 18, 2002
Argentina's Failure Could Be Contagious Barron's December 31, 2001
A Ford in Ford's Uncertain Future Insight on the News December 17, 2001
Deep Funk in Finance Land The International Economy December 1, 2001
Mexican Meltdown The International Economy October 1, 2001
An Explorer May Lead Ford to Ruin Insight on the News August 20, 2001
Slippery Slope: Will Argentina devalue? Barron's July 9, 2001
Southern Discomfort Barron's May 21, 2001
Sneak Attack: A stealth campaign by U.S. regulators to turn private bankers into policemen The International Economy May 1, 2001
Mexico Drug War Has a U.S. Front Insight on the News April 2, 2001
The Long Goodbye Barron's March 19, 2001
Know Your Customer Barron's Janury 15, 2001
The Passing of John Liscio Barron's December 25, 2000
The Nothing New New Economy The International Economy July 1, 2000
Argentina on the Ropes The International Economy April 1, 1998
Britain's Alternative The International Economy January 1, 1998
Who is Cuauhtemoc Cardenas? The International Economy December 1, 1997
Divided Economy: Mexico Financial Times January 14, 1997
Hard Money & Cyber Cash: Bankers vs. Bureaucrats in the Changing Payments System & Money Markets Committee for Monetary Research and Education January 1, 1997
Politically Correct Rates Journal of Commerce October 3, 1996
The G-3 Money Launderers The International Economy June 1, 1996
PRI dinosaurs endanger Zedillo Journal of Commerce May 30, 1996
Wait Till Next Year, Amigo Washington Post January 21, 1996
Casinos and World Currencies Journal of Commerce September 26, 1995
The IMF: Liquidate Now! The International Economy September 1, 1995
Defending the American Peso Journal of Commerce June 22, 1995
The Venezuelan Blame Game The International Economy May 1, 1995
Mexico's Peso Crisis May Worsen -- But That's Only Half the Story Christian Science Monitor April 25, 1995
The Latin Two-Step: Will Argentina be next? The International Economy April 1, 1995
Mexico: What's Next? Council on Foreign Relations March 6, 1995
South of the Bailout: The $20 Billion Rescue Plan Won't Help the Mexican People Washington Post February 5, 1995
Going South The Nation January 23, 1995
Puntos Para Salvar a Mexico El Norte December 29, 1994
The Real Free-Trade Debate Hasn't Taken Place Yet Christian Science Monitor December 13, 1994
Mexico: El Narcosistema Dinero December 1, 1994
Republicans, the Dollar and Jobs Journal of Commerce November 18, 1994
Fed's Slow Moves on Inflation Journal of Commerce September 29, 1994
Mexico's Devaluation Bogeyman Journal of Commerce August 22, 1994
Imagen falsa de Mexico El Norte April 23, 1994
False Images of Mexico Washington Post April 19, 1994
Proping Up Failing Companies Journal of Commerce March 25, 1994
Motives for metals group rescue Financial Times February 24, 1994
Cooling Heated Financial Markets Journal of Commerce February 23, 1994
Time to Reform the Fed Christian Science Monitor January 20, 1994
Fed's Secretive Decisions Need 'Sunshine' The Christian Science Monitor October 28, 1993
In Somalia, the Saudi Connection Washington Post October 17, 1993
NAFTA Is No Bonanza for Mexican Workers Christian Science Monitor October 5, 1993
Losing a Mantle of Leadership Journal of Commerce October 1, 1993
The Saudi Well Runs Dry Washington Post August 29, 1993
Japan's Battle of the Buck Christian Science Monitor August 25, 1993
UNA FRAGIL ESTABILIDAD World Policy Institute May 28, 1993
Bill Clinton and the Carter Ghost Journal of Commerce May 20, 1993
Free Trade Pact Is Shaky Christian Science Monitor April 6, 1993
The Missing Oil Chapter in NAFTA Journal of Commerce February 26, 1993
Europe's Tangled Currencies Journal of Commerce February 2, 1993
Gone Fishing: E. Gerald Corrigan and the Era of Managed Markets The Herbert Gold Society February 1, 1993
The Coming Mexican Devaluation The International Economy January 1, 1993
Bordering on Repression Washington Post December 27, 1992
Speech to UCLA: Free Trade Without Freedom UCLA December 16, 1992
Propping Up Russia's Finances Journal of Commerce September 29, 1992
Floating exchange rates only rational economic choice Financial Times September 15, 1992
Hard Currency Can Cure 'Credit Crunch' American Banker September 4, 1992
Losing the Cold War The Freeman August 1992
Alternative view of Mexico Financial Times June 19, 1992
Social Security's Empty Coffers Journal of Commerce June 16, 1992
Markets in the Post-Cold War Era: Stability and Other Delusions The Mont Pelerin Society May 15, 1992
Mr. Brady's Banking Dilemma Journal of Commerce April 22, 1992
Mexico's Government Creates Another Debt Crisis Wall Street Journal March 12, 1992
Keeping the Fed Free of Politics Journal of Commerce February 14, 1992
President Bush's Invisible Hand Journal of Commerce January 8, 1992
Fragile Stability: Reform & Repression in Mexico under Carlos Salinas World Policy Institute January 1, 1992
Good Guys Are Hard to Find Journal of Commerce October 28, 1991
Old Practice, New Patients Barron's August 26, 1991
Mexico Puts Oil on Trade Table Journal of Commerce July 31, 1991
UNholy Alliance Barron's July 22, 1991
Too Big to Fail? Barron's June 17, 1991
Greenspan and Bush in 1992? Journal of Commerce June 14, 1991
Fed Bailout of FDIC Would Harm Economy American Banker May 21, 1991
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